“Fukkura-Nuno-Zouri” has been made in Minami-Sanriku, Rikuzen-Takata, Ishinomaki and Higashi-Matsushima.
Since August 2011 in Minami-Sanriku, with the trigger of the lecture course to make a Nuno-Zouri (Japanese Cloth Sandals ) held & executed by [Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan] (=Supporting Project of Let’s Brace East Japan), the [Teni-Shoku・Nuno Zouri Project] has been launched.
A few persons who joined in such lecture course have got absorbed in making Nuno-Zouri (Cloth Sandals), afterwards they matured into an excellent cloth sandals craftsmen in a few months while they had been continuing to make more Cloth Sandals.
Therefore, additional lecture courses for Nuno-Zouri have been carried in 2012 at other regions. Then some other bases for Nuno-Zouri making were born in Minami-Sanriku, Rikuzen-Takata, Ishinomaki and Higashi-Matsushima at the right moment.
Every Nuno-Zouri Knitter has suffered “The Great East Japan Earthquake” disaster occurred in 2011 March 11 and they are still in an inconvenient life with living in temporary housing or public renting up house, etc.
However, the encounters with new friends & fellows were born through the making of this Nuno-Zouri, thus they have begun to walk towards each new aim.
Please let us introduce the member of such as the party for “Fukkura-Nuno-Zouri”.

Minami-Sanriku Fukkura Kai

南三陸ふっくら会We are “Minami-Sanriku Fukkura-Kai” that has fellows in the wide generation from 30th to 70th gathered. The places where the members live in are various including such as own home refuge or the evacuation out of the town, etc. Therefore, it is not easy that members gather all at once. Even as for such environmental us, the Nuno-Zouri making which can be done just with brief tool and small space becomes the best home work Also for us who are loving in manufacturing above all, it is the special own time with very pleasant while making Nuno-Zouri. Additionally it is another attraction which is available to create new community through Nuno-Zouri making by connecting the person to the persons beyond ages and areas. To the persons who will take our making Nuno-Zouri in his/her hand so that [Fortune (Fukkura) comes!] and ourselves to make Nuno-Zouri [will be able to enjoy it!], such wishes and Nuno-Zouri’s fluffy (Fukkura) feeling of wearing are crossed and we named our party as “Minami-Sanriku Fukkura-Kai”. Please enjoy with our “Fukkura-Nuno-Zouri”.

Rikuzen-Takata Hamanasu Kai

0327高田_4When members of Hamanasu-Kai gather, the place promptly becomes bright. They have been always studying earnestly with talking like as [It seems no good at a heal part ---], [You should do it in this way!], [To be sure!! Thank you.]. [Whoopee! It is very good color combination!!], [I am so happy. Ah! You kindly praise it more!], they usually praise mutual works of Nuno-Zouri (Japanese Cloth Sandals) each other. They are very generous such as [This clog thong should be fitting for that, you can use mine!]. Cheerful & fine Mother is the treasure of the Families! Like as the Sweetbrier (Hamanasu) which blooms in the seaside and can make pink flower admirably against sea wind even, there are such members in our Hamanasu (Sweetbrier) -Kai. We wish that this brightness and fine spirit will be handed down to the persons who will take Nuno-Zouri in his/her hand!

Share Smile Nippon

0326_ssn_4シェアスマイルニッポンOur “Share Smile Nippon” is the slapstick team (party) with parenting Moms. In those days (after “The Great East Japan Earthquake”), although we had wanted to forward at any rate, we spent time which we could not know what we can do. Even though if we liked to work, there was no place to leave my kids with and/or we had the big uneasiness of being separated from children, we were in the mind like as a left feeling for the words of the revival. Today being available to thank for smiles in busy-ness of every day, it is by the grace of the persons who picked up our voice and we are appreciating to. As we wanted to come through the affectionate supporting, we always talked about how we can be good knitter. Until today, we have been developing with submitting each other’s ideas and plans, now we can say that it is the real aim to spin our own story beyond the Nuno-Zouri. When we will meet some Moms who want to do the crafting work with doing child care as same as our members, we hope to be able to guide them to better ways. Hoping our smile shall be provided. We would like to not waste the mind & the action of “to share” which was taught from the disaster (The Great East Japan Earthquake). By to share both of sorrow and pleasure as well, then we wish that we will become the team which can support each other.

Ishinomaki Nagomi Kai


There are Mothers who ran agriculture and fishery before an Earthquake Disaster (The Great East Japan Earthquake) at Nagatsura, Okawa-District, Ishinomaki-City. They have met one mascot of guardian deity of children (Jizo-San) while they received many supports from whole country after entering in temporary housings. Anyone smiles unintentionally when he/she watches the very calm face of Jizo-San which bloomed with a smile. It was summer in 2012 when we have begun to make mascots of Jizo-San under the mind of “Holding a memorial service to important persons who were sacrificed by an earthquake disaster, and hope of the revival of our hometown”. We deeply wish everyone to soften (Nagomi) even a little with seeing a face of our made Jizo-San, so that we named our party as “Nagomi Kai”. We are currently working hardly for the making of Nuno-Zouri (Japanese Cloth Sandals) as the handwork with forwarding the restoration of the home rebuilding and the business. The mind of mothers concentrating to Nuno-Zouri as per [want to become better knitter] and/or [want to make a good piece more] is exactly a craftsmanship. Now we are hoping that everyone can take soften life with our Nuno-Zouri! Therefore, we are enjoying making the Nuno-Zouri every day.

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