The Party of “Fukkura-Nuno-Zouri (Cloth Sandals)”was born with the trigger of activity of the group of [Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan] which has been continuing to support the stricken areas since “The Great East Japan Earthquake” occurred on March 11, 2011.

The women who are living in temporary housings or public renting up houses are devoting for crafts-women every day. We, the Party of “Fukkura-Nuno-Zouri” have each team of knitters in each place based on Rikuzen-Takata, Minami-Sanriku, Ishinomaki and Higashi-Matsushima.

Even though they are still in an inconvenient life, the encounters with new fellows through the making of Cloth Sandals (Nuno-Zouri) were born and the new definite aims have been born.

Please do try to wear “Fukkura-Nuno-Zouri”. We are making it heartily one by one with straining about a fluffy & tender feeling of wearing according to its name, and polite/careful and beautiful finishing.

It sure be our highly pleasure if you will kindly choose this “Fukkura-Nuno-Zouri” for some corners of your own life, and/or your special presents to the important persons.

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